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Choose The Song Of The Year 2007

After Long Distance in 2005, State Of Things in 2006, what will be the new song of the year? You decide! How?


1) Make a top 7 of your current favourite Turin Brakes songs and send them to For inspiration, check the lyrics and tabs section of this site for all songs ever released by Turin Brakes. Covers (like Angel, No Scrubs, Breaking The Girl and Nessun Dorma) don’t count. It’s only original Turin Brakes songs we want! You can pick any other: instrumentals, remixes, demo versions, songs from The Optimist LP, songs from Dark On Fire, b-sides, whatever you’re currently enjoying the most. Just make sure you end up with the 7 songs you currently like best and send them to Include your name, country and age (for statistic purposes)

2) Once I received your email, you will get a confirmation that your top 7 has been counted.

3) Early January 2008 the results will be announced, as well as a winner of the fabulous Turin Brakes prize (tba).

That’s all! It’s as simple as that. Make your list and send it now!!

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