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New Myspace blog: ‘Back Home’

Gale updated the Myspace blog where he looks back on the recent UK tour. He mentions that they’ll first tour Europe, and then they will do a US tour. Good news for the people in those regions. Dates have not been announced yet, but you’ll obviously hear about them first here… 😉

Yes, yes, we made it all around the Uk and back home again and had a very very good time doing it. There were so many highlights, in fact most nights were highlights really, we managed to change what we were playing almost every night , which is kind of how we imagined we’d be doing things by this stage. We felt complete gratitude evrynight that people had turned up to see us and did our best to give a rewarding show back. The london show , as usual , involved the most tension beforehand, but yet again as soon as we got on stage it felt like the right place to be.
Despite a fluey bug doing the rounds on the bus , we had a good time everywhere, name a town and we enjoyed it. It felt like we really nailed a bit of truth when a guy in Norwich heckled that he wanted an invite to ‘the aftershow’ and we heckled back that THIS was the aftershow. Its kind of mad to think we now have 4 albums to choose tracks from , like veterans, and yet we feel better , stronger , faster than before. We’e spent the past 8 years trying to work out how to make touring work for us and its finally paying off.
Obviously we thank all the peoples that made that possible for us , including the support act , The Rushes , wish them the best of luck in this crazed world.
Thanks for eveyone that turned up, Europe next , then the States. plus the odd obscure session


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