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Ether Site meets Rob Allum (1)

You must have seen Rob Allum at least once if you’re reading this. He’s the guy in the 72 video behind the drum kit. If you don’t know him from that video, you know him from the many Turin Brakes gigs he has played. If you pay attention you notice a guy who likes showing off with his drum sticks whilst playing his trademark ‘Allum-shuffle’ on Underdog (Save Me). And if you haven’t see Turin Brakes live yet, you at least heard him play on many of the songs on the albums… Anyway… That’s Rob Allum to Turin Brakes fans. But now we meet the real Rob Allum. And we learn everything: from how he ended up in Turin Brakes to playing the Dark on Fire UK tour. And more. Rob: ‘There are so many shows I won’t forget… You name a venue and date and I could probably tell you something about it.’

Check out the first part of the interview (about joining Turin Brakes and touring) right here. The second part, which focusses on recording Dark On Fire, will be available next week.

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