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New ‘Stalker’ remix on MySpace

Space man! Turin Brakes’ download only single Stalker has been uploaded to Turin Space in a ‘very weird but still better than that weird Come and Go remix earlier this year’-remix… It’s called the Mushu French Mix. Mushu is the dragon from Mulan and French… Well… That’s just French… Still, if anyone knows anything about this mix (who made it for example), let me know. The blog on Turin Space also mentions more unreleased stuff coming up:

Yo, Check out the new Mushu Remix of Stalker and keep an ear out for more odds n’ ends including never heard before demos… Also we have a show at the Islington Acadamy in London coming up on the 10th of December, it will be good to see you there ;0)
Forever Lurve

Good news, that is!
Speaking of ‘news’: Evelyn, who you probably have noticed, is helping me out posting news and that sort of stuff, when I’m too busy doing other things. It will also give me more time to upload sessions etc.

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