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Ether Site is back: news round up

So, we’re up and running again. Some technical thingie was causing the whole server to go evil. Hopefully, this is all solved now. So here’s a news round up:

DSCF0424 (600x800).jpgIslington Gig (Monday night)
(photo by Evelyn Korankye)
Last night the Turin Brakes Europe tour started in London, in the Islington Academy. Ether Site was present, so expect a review and photos sometime soon. The band played a nice combination of old and new stuff, including Wicked Game (originally by Chris Isaak). The setlist ran as follows:
Future Boy / Stone Thrown / Real Life / Last Clown / Fishing For A Dream / Stalker / Everready / Painkiller (Summer Rain) / Wicked Game / Dark On Fire / Feeling Oblivion / Something In My Eye / Ghost / Mind Over Money. The first encore featured Last Chance / Underdog (Save Me) / Long Distance, the second (!) encore featured JackInABox, Emergency 72 / Slack. Quite a varied setlist, so to say.

New Star video
Olly made a video for New Star, with references to The Door all over the place. So check it out in the discography of the official site.

New Turin Space Blog: After Islington
Olly wrote a blog after the gig last Monday. Here’s the full thing:

Hi, Well it’s about 24 hours later but I’m still buzzed, what a lovely treat! We were not sure what the vibe would be but you were such a wicked crowd and it felt like we all built up together to a peak…. I was having such a good time I actually stopped playing guitar and just sang like a proper rock singer (eww) It is such a galvanizing thing to re-realize you are all out there, people who have chosen to commit to this music and you keep coming back and creating new experiences with us, what a bloody brilliant situation, onwards to Europe now and then more UK in feb, lets keep it going.

Song Of The Year 2007 – deadline approaching
Please note that if you HAVEN’T sent your top 7 yet, now is the time to do so… Closing date is 31st of December and you might miss out on that Turin Brakes bootlegs and sessions DVD! More info here.

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