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‘Something In My Eye’ (edited) press release


Following the acclaim of their fourth album, Dark on Fire, Turin Brakes will release the single ‘Something In My Eye’ on 14th January.

‘Something In My Eye’ is vintage Turin Brakes, with aching melodies. It’s a beautiful paean to the wonder and awe of parenthood.

To accompany the release, their will be four short films available to fans across a variety of media and through the band’s website (www.turinbrakes.com http://www.turinbrakes.com/ ). As well as the promotional film for the single (directed by Karni and Saul), there will be short films for three of the other album tracks: ‘Last Chance’, directed by Albert Kadagolian; ‘Dark On Fire’, directed by Shelly Love, and ‘New Star’, directed by the band’s Olly Knights.

‘Something In My Eye’ is taken from the band’s fourth album, ‘Dark On Fire’, which was produced by highly respected producer Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ray LaMontagne and Ryan Adams, amongst others).

Known to be in the video are Felix Pring and Laurence Spellman. The video is partly animated:

Karni & Saul follow their DAB commercial with a stunning promo for Virgin’s Turin Brakes that studies a strange group of people who inhabit a living building – a must see! The live action sections were shot by Karni while Saul created the 3D elements with assistance from Flynn Post who also handled the Online.

Once we’ve found the video, you will be able to watch it here.

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