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Youtube, Youtube, Youtube and ehm, Youtube

So, if you’re looking for Turin Brakes on YouTube (say, you’re YouTurinBrakesing) chances are you’re suddenly overwhelmed by the many results you find. First of all, Turin Brakes added the entire back catalogue on videos (though the Over and Over one is actually different).

Besides that, there’s also four(!) new videos for Dark On Fire songs, as mentioned in the previous news post:

Something In My Eye:

Dark On Fire:

Last Chance:

New Star:

Also (thanks to our great Evelyn) there’s two videos from Islington on the Ether Site channel.


Stone Thrown:

Also check out this video of (part of) ‘Real Life’ and the full ‘State Of Things’ from the Melkweg, Amsterdam concert last Tuesday.

Also, TurinSpace has been updated with a new blog entry by Olly:

Hi, After the Buzz in Berlin we were not sure how the Dutch and Lux shows would measure up but all in all we could not be feeling better about them. I dont want to sound like I’m “reaching” here but pretty much all the shows from this year have felt like the strongest yet especially in terms of the communal feeling between band and gig goeez, not so much an album promotion but a wider and deeper experience for us as much as the crowds, the live shows are where it’s happening….
Thank you everyone who came and everyone we met, we hope to be back sooner than in the past.
PS check out Long Distance Live from the Amsterdam show on the player, can you tell we were listening to old Verve tracks recently;)?

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