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A Weekend of Updates – part 1

Welcome to the first installment of updates. There’s more to follow during the weekend, but for now check out:

  • The lyrics & tabs section for lyrics for Here Comes My Baby.
  • NEW: The Ether’s Air: Ether Site’s forum (currently in testing phase, but ready to be used).

About the new forum:
A forum, in my opinion, is a great place to talk with people that have the same interest. You don’t have to first create this profile full of details and photos that you only really want to share with your close ones… And you can still be yourself and talk with other people from around the globe.

A forum is nothing without people actually visiting it, reading it and replying to other people’s opinions. So please feel free to join. I know there are other forums, but a forum is not defined by its topic, it’s defined by its users. So this forum is as different as the others. And it’s not a crime to post on more than one forum!

Right now, the Ether’s Air is still in testing phase. You will notice changes over the upcoming weeks (most importantly, the design). But don’t hesitate to use it! Through the whole of 2008 Ether Site will be giving away bootleg CDs every month to a member who has proven that he/she is supporting the new and young community: by helping others, by posting, by being nice… All you have to do to become The Member Of The Month is post. And that doesn’t mean you have to post as much as you can: it’s quality that counts, not quantity! This is also a way to celebrate Ether Site’s 5th birthday in May 2008.

Feel free to join The Ether’s Air!

More updates to follow later today and tomorrow…

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