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A Weekend of Updates – part 2

So here’s the second installment of updates… This time I can offer you a major update of the Lyrics & Tabs section! The Song Of The Year positions of 2007 have been added, but also tabs for the whole Ether Song album! Thanks to Chris Booth for sending in those tabs (this means we even got different tabs for the same songs now and more importantly a more complete Tabs section – though there’s still plenty of songs to be tabbed)!

Feel free to tab the Turin Brakes songs you like and send them to, so I can add them to the site as well!

There are already some new members on the forum, The Ether’s Air. Don’t hesitate to join and introduce yourself!

Tour Correspondents
Meanwhile, I’m still looking for people who would like to write reviews, take photos or even people who can record bootlegs of the upcoming dates (at your own risk of course, but the band certainly isn’t against it). We already got correspondents of the Hove and London dates (though you’re still very welcome to write if you’re attending those dates of course!). Send an email to or post in the The Ether’s Air if you’re interested!

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