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News round-up – TurinSpace blog and new videos!

Update: the version of The Door added to the TurinSpace player is live from the Stockton on Tees gig last week!

Following the completion of the February tour, the below blog ‘And so it ends…’ was posted on TurinSpace:

Well we all crawled out of our bunks this morning and went our sepperate ways after another UK based tour. It was a real pleasure to play for everyone who came and we truly appreciate the sheer numbers of people turning out for these shows without much push or fanfare outside the fanbase! We are not sure what we will do next but there are some ideas floating around already, for now though I think a little family home time is on the cards, we shall post up any new news so keep checkin’ in and watch for new tunes on the player! Big Lurve to everyone who messages us with positivity and celebration, it really does mean a lot to us…. TBx

Lets hope they come back fully charged and raring to go soon!

Other new bits and bobs include The Door being added to the TurinSpace player.

For a good chuckle, check out the Turin Brakes page at myspacetv.com for some behind-the-scenes type videos including the most recent one ‘knights warming up exercise’ which is hilarious!
Also, check out a new video ‘Pre Show at Stockton On Tees’, again of the guys backstage on tour, in the Horses Mouth section of the official site.

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