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A New ‘Ether’s Air’

Right, the concept of a forum is nice, but in 2008 we need more than just a forum to keep us occupied. We want an easy way to upload photos and videos, share thoughts and become friends with fellow Turin Brakes fans. From now on: there’s a way:

The new Ether’s Air.

It would be really great if you to upload your photos and / or videos and start posting and sharing!

That doesn’t stop me from announcing the Member Of The Month April 2008: merman! Congratulations, you will be contacted for your details and you will receive the bootleg CD ‘Burning Fires’ with the greatest collection of bootlegs (cover / tracklist).

This MOTM-feature will continue over at the new Ether’s Air, of course! So join, and you might be next month’s winner!

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