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So, another April gone… Hello May! This month, Ether Site celebrates it 5 years of existence in the digital air. More on that later – hopefully.

Anyway, I updated the gigography with the recent UK tour things. If you have additions, please let me know. You can upload your photos in The Ether’s Air (the collection is steadily growing, nice nice nice! – we should pass the 100 mark this week). You are going to have to join The Ether’s Air first though, before you can upload. But that’s ok! We have 12 really friendly people who will welcome you with open arms, myself included. And maybe you even become Member Of The Month! This month’s member of the month is ethergirl. You should say hello while you’re there! She gets a free bootleg CD full of nice Turin Brakes session stuff! Yes! It’s true! You can get it too, if you join the gang…

In real news: the gigs in Germany (and Brighton) are coming up! If you’re attending these gigs, why not share your thoughts afterwards (and your photos, setlists)? You can do so by joining The Ether’s Air, and/or sending me an email ( If you like to be the official Ether Site reporter for a certain gig (or photographer, or promotor), contact me!

Check out this nice ad for the German tour by Andrew Mackenzie, btw.

So that’s all folks, no more news from me… Except for the fact that this Bebo profile is claiming Fishing For A Dream to be Doctor Who’s favourite song. An understandable choice. Now who’s is going to make that doctor who fan video?

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