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TB at the Hotel Cafe Tour

Turin Brakes played with Tom McRae on the Hotel Cafe Tour in London last Wednesday (30 April). The tiny venue (about 200 people) was filled up completely and Olly, Gale and Eddie were unannounced guests. They played a set of their own. I don’t know how long exactly, but I can confirm ‘Painkiller (Summer Rain)’, ‘Dark On Fire’ and ‘one other song’ being played (at least).

Check out Tom McRae introducing Turin Brakes below, and a tiny clip of ‘Dark On Fire’ (Thanks for the clips Paper Bag):

This guest appearance was a special one-off thing… Tom McRaes Hotel Cafe tour is now heading to Europe (without Olly, Gale and Eddie) and will end it’s run back in Brighton at ‘Songs At The Canyon’, where Turin Brakes will also do an acoustic gig. More on Tom McRae here.

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