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5 years ago…

This week the new single from the album Ether Song called Average Man is being released. It is released as a 7″, single and a DVD-single. Expect a review soon in the upcoming reviews section.

With that news message, posted on 29 May 2003, this site was born… At, people could access a small, yellow/greenish website with info on Turin Brakes. Over the year it grew to be bigger and bigger… By the end of 2003, the site had grown out of its frames… The result was a redesign… That first version is still accesible… Right here. Now there’s a trip down memory lane…

Some more and less known facts on Ether Site…
– The site has moved hosts 5 times in its existence.
– You can get here via www.turinbrakes,nl, www.turin-brakes,com, and
– I have never earnt ANY money with this site. And if time really was money, I’d be broke by now (or earned a lot, it’s just how you look at it)
– This is the 5th online version of the site. Offline, however, there are at least 20 more… They all didn’t make it… I guess I like change too much…
– I plead guilty to editing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ by Turin Brakes, sung backstage at Rockpalast Winterfestival, cutting out the Rockpalast bit.

Some people have taken the time to help me along the way. Some people sent me photos, some sent reviews, some sent me stories, some sent me recordings, some helped me with the php coding, some helped me by saying ‘your site is great’, some helped me by doing nothing at all…
I’d like to thank those people.

Some of you have been there since the very start, others joined a long the way and some of you probably don’t even visit this place anymore… But by giving me advice and / or contributing LOTS of things that are still on the site today (in some form), you made this a lot easier. And thank you to people who stuck around, all those years…

[and now, the cheesy bit with special thank you’s]
Shazia: the living proof that people who never really paid attention to each other before one outbidded the other on eBay on a JackInABox promo, can in fact become front row maniacs. Even if one of those people is m…..-a…!

Eve: for posting news when I can’t. It was lovely to meet you last February, and hopefully we will meet again.

[the band, obviously]
Olly: A Dutch article one described you as a pirate who walked out of children’s TV show. With big eyes you stared at the real world around you in shock. In a children show everything’s simple, clear and honest. You not only have an amazing voice, but you sing like you mean it. And not in the Mariah Carey kind of way. Let all critics talk sh*te… The ‘Dark On Fire’ bridge is the highlight of that album, musically but most of all lyrically. In a world where everything is becoming bigger, louder, greater, TB is more detailed than ever. So don’t ever stop… Oh and don’t forget to reschedule your dentist appointment, you’re playing a gig in my garden that day.

Gale: I had spend my childhood listening to Phil Collins and Genesis… When a good friend played me Underdog, I was blown away. I had never heard anything like THAT SOLO before. It opened my eyes and for the first time forced me to listen to music in a way that I had never listened to music before. It took me 6 months to ‘get’ The Optimist LP, but it has been amazing ever since. And that Underdog solo is still as good as it was on day one. If I were locked in a room and made to listen to that solo forever, I would not go insane. I would understand the world better than ever before. Thank you.

Rob: The showmaster, the drummer, the enthusiast. Thanks for being Rob and for, apparently, enjoying it so much.

Ed & Phil: don’t ever lose your cool. 🙂

And to everyone: hopefully you’ll be able to read something like this in 5 years time. Let’s all make it happen…?!


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