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Vote ‘Dark On Fire’ at Supershorts Festival

The Dark On Fire video by Shelly Love has been nominated for best Music Video at the Supershorts International Film Festival. The voting takes place exclusively via video site Dailymotion.

You can vote for the videos by watching the video at Dailymotion.com.

1: I do not have a dailymotion account
In the right top corner of your screen, there should be a “Create an Account” link. Click it and create your account (it’s free and you don’t get any spam, I can confirm). Once you’ve done that, go to step 2.

2: I do! I do have a dailymotion account
Watch the video. On the right of the video there are 5 stars If you hover your mouse over those stars, you can give your rating (hint: 5 stars and only 5 stars is right ;-)). Anyway, when you do that you MIGHT be asked to login (or maybe not, in that case you are done). If that is the case, no worries because you have the account and the password already! So login and click once again on the 5th star. Now you’ve voted! Hurrah!

Now go tell all your friends to do the same. It would be a great way for both Shelly Love as Turin Brakes to gain some exposure. We all know they deserve it!

People interested in attending the festival: it’s all free… Check all info here.

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