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Turin Brakes have left EMI

Turin Brakes are no longer signed to Source Records, which is part of Virgin Records, which is part of EMI Records. Last Wednesday the band headlined an unsigned band night, where two bands competed for a record deal with a top independent record company. Olly Knights (singer) then mentioned that Turin Brakes are technically also an unsigned band. “We’ve left EMI” said Olly. In answer to that Eddie Myers (bass) and Rob Allum (drums) rephrased it “EMI have left us”.

After releasing The Door EP on Anvil Records, the band signed a deal witrh Source Records. First releasing two more EPs, the label was then bought by Virgin / EMI. The band released four albums on Source Records, The Optimist LP (2001, nominated for the Mercury Music Prize), Ether Song (2003), JackInABox (2005) and Dark On Fire (2007). The band have sold over half a million records on EMI, about an half of those were sold in the UK.

At the moment Turin Brakes have no intention of quitting, rest assured they will return at some time.

More info on the band night in the Official Forum and here.

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