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I’ve redesigned the Shared Stories section, which will now live on as the ‘Writings’ section. The reason for this name change is that besides the Shared Stories, it will also feature some archived Turin Brakes interviews/articles. It’s quite small for now (with an interview from 2001 and 2003), but more will be added in the future. If you’ve got nice additions for the section, please contact me.

Also, I fixed some links in the media streams section and added one of a 2003 WFUV interview. It’s quite nice and long and features an acoustic session with Painkiller, Self Help and Stone Thrown.

Finally: you might notice some ads on some pages of the site. These are an experiment to help the site pay for itself. I don’t think it ever will, but who knows… I tried to find the least annoying kinds… So no pop-ups, no annoying iframes loading over the site asking you to “skip this” etc.

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