Download: Turin Brakes @ Le Réservoir (mp3)

In these quiet times, I thought I’d upload some more old bootlegs. Providing I have the time, I’ll try to do this at least once per two weeks. The links will of course appear here as well as in the bootleg section.

Back in 2001, Turin Brakes were guests on a French TV music show, called Le Réservoir. They played songs from The Optimist LP: Future Boy, The Door and Emergency 72.

The other guest on the show was Suzanne Vega. Olly Knights joined Suzanne for an exclusive duet version of Vega’s hit Luka. Turin Brakes have never performed this song elsewhere, so it’s quite an exclusive.

MP3: The Door
MP3: Future Boy
MP3: Emergency 72
MP3: Luka (with Suzanne Vega)

The files have been uploaded to Rapidshare, a free filehosting service. Please let me know if you encounter any problems by hitting the Contact button in the right top corner of this website Also, if you have any bootleg requests, feel free to contact me as well!

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