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New Horses Mouth: 9 songs, and more collaborations

Olly wrote a new Horses Mouth for the official website. Main news is that the band has been recording in studio. There are already 9 songs recorded. Also, the band have been working with several other artists than Lisa Mitchel and Take That:


Andy Steele is recording an album with Jez Wing called Night Fishing LP. It is (partly) recorded at Turin Brakes HQ and according to Andy Steele’s website, Rob Allum, the drummer, is also part of it. Release date to be announced. Andy released an album called True Believers and the Guises of the Weasel in 2007.

Pete Lawrie has a Myspace and hasn’t released anything as yet (as far as I know).

Kate Walsh, known for her second album,Tims House, is hoping to release her second album (tba) this Spring.

Lisa Mitchell’s The Attic Space, as previously reported, is scheduled for an early March release. Her debut single, Neopolitan Dreams, was used in a washing powder commercial.

Take That’s The Circus, featuring the song Here by Olly & Gale, is already widely available (note that some international versions lack Here).

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