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Blogs often provide a nice read, but you do need to find the right ones. Here I’ll try to link some worthy Turin Brakes related blogging.

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Keith Jopling wrote an interesting article on marketing and established bands. His in-depth post analyses the problem that record labels don’t do enough to promote established bands (the right way). He proposes ideas on how to promote these artists and also mentions:

In 2007 Turin Brakes released the album Dark On Fire. Have you heard it? It’s a great record. Great tunes (hardly a weak moment among the entire 12 track set), heartfelt lyrics, superb musicianship and a wonderful sound. It represents a career high for a band which, until then – despite a couple of hits – had just trudged along – for three albums. But they still just trudge along, the issue being that nowhere near enough people heard or bought Dark On Fire.

Every music fan has a list of albums like this. Records they love, play to everybody they know and talk about a lot, but no-one else actually has. As for record companies, well, they have a shed load of unsuccessful records of course – at least 20 misses for every hit – that’s the standard business model. But each label also has a good bunch of skeletons in the cupboard –great records that sold next to nothing. It’s how a lot of artist and label relationships come to an end, when the label decides it has done everything in its power to take the band to the next level, but it just hasn’t worked.
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Worth mentioning:
Popmatters celebrates 8 years of The Optimist LP.

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