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Looking for your Canterbury Tales

See what I did there? I just made that up myself!

Anyway, tomorrow brings the first of two nights of acoustic Turin Brakes delight in Canterbury. Ether Site wants your views on the night… Setlists, reviews, comments, photos, videos, bootlegs… Send it all in… For all we know, these nights will shed some light on the future of Turin Brakes. There’s 15 songs ready for an album that has yet to be announced, but there’s no reason why the band can’t play new material (they did so with the October 2006 tour before recording Dark on Fire). So please share your views with the world, by uploading your photos, reviews, videos to the Ether’s Air. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can send them to

Everything is welcome, from short remarks such as “it was great” to epic reviews detailing the musical instruments used.

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