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New Turin Brakes songs in Canterbury

The first night in Canterbury meant new songs for Turin Brakes. Described as a magical night by some, Turin Brakes played a setlist of live favourites combined with three new songs called Paper Heart, Sea Change and Never Stops. One guy writes in the Folk In The Barn guestbook:

What a treat. Guitar sounds to die for, warm and crisp. Acoustic base textures magnificent, and vocals from Ed superb. 3 musicians making a sound like 13. Slide guitar from Gale was complimentary yet dominant sometimes, his tone resonant and his array of pedals mixed in depth and textures that the PA held really well.Difficult to mix but the balance improved all along, the subtleties of a new song “Paper Moon” reduced one audience member to tears, and after the interval they really took command and deserved the standing ovation that followed.

More here. Were you there? Tell your thoughts!

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