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Canterbury News Round Up

newstarSo, in the coming days we’ll be premiering new footage as well as extensive reviews and comments on both the Canterbury nights. Send in your stuff now via ethersite@gmail.com or stefan@turinbrakes.nl. For now: here’s the news round up…

  • The guys are hoping to release Album 5 in January 2010 (and according to Olly it’s f*cking brilliant). Apparently, the songs are basically done, but they’re still working on the business side of things. However, “exciting things” are planned for the rest of the year, so it doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing from Turin Brakes ’till next year.
  • The boys played 3 new songs:
    1) Never Stops – midtempo, optimistic and soulfull song (It’s easy go not easy come: trouble don’t you knock upon this door – no more).
    2) Sea Change – progressing song like Love Is All You Deserve, but a bit faster: (6 billion backs against the wall now will you walk or run? / And if we don’t do this – somebody else will).
    3) Paper Heart – heart-breaking ballad with clever lyrics – that moved one audience member to tears on Friday night (If only I knew that your spark would set fire to my paper heart).
    We’ll be posting videos of these songs in the near future.
  • Kate Walsh (who played excellent supporting slots, by the way!) dueted with Olly on a song called Greatest Love. Olly Knights sings on two tracks of her forthcoming album (Light & Dark), while Gale Paridjanian plays guitar on one track.
  • The band are hoping to play more of these kind of gigs around the UK. So if you know a good local organiser / venue, contact them to contact Turin Brakes (which you can do via the missing links page on the official website or via Myspace, which the guys manage themselves)!
  • One guy, Stuart, asked his girlfriend to marry him during New Star – and she said Yes!
  • Olly and Kate both played Atkin Guitars during the night, who sponsored the event. And they sound pretty amazing (and I wouldn’t mind getting one for free *hint*).

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