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Turin Brakes celebrate 10 year anniversary with 2CD Best Of

Turin Brakes are celebrating the 10 years since debut The Door EP, by releasing a compilation featuring their best songs on 7 September 2009. It will come out in two versions, a 1cd and a 2cd. The first CD tracklist has already been decided and features all the singles as well as some gems like Ether Song, Dark on Fire, Feeling Oblivion and Last Chance. The second CD will feature hidden gems, some of those chosen by fans. The upcoming two weeks fans can select 3 tracks (mostly old b-sides) in the widget below and send it to the band. Olly and Gale will include the most popular b-sides on the second CD. Also, this second CD will include never heard before material (for example: at Canterbury Olly mentioned an old version of Underdog with completely different lyrics, recorded before The Optimist LP). Voting closes on 19 June. Hopefully we’ll know not too long after which tracks will make it on the second disc.

This Best Of will hopefully get the band some well-deserved media attention, so that when January 2010 comes, everyone will be standing in line for the new CD.

Tracklist CD1
‘Painkiller (Summer Rain)’
‘Underdog (Save Me)’
‘Emergency 72’
‘Long Distance’
‘The Door’
‘5 Mile (These Are The Days)’
‘Feeling Oblivion’
‘Average Man’
‘Over And Over’
‘Ether Song’
‘Mind Over Money’
‘Fishing For A Dream’
‘Dark On Fire’
‘Red Moon’
‘Something In My Eye’
‘Last Chance’

And now: VOTE!

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