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New Kate Walsh & Olly song ‘Trying’

kate-walshAbout 400 Turin Brakes fans (and people with YouTube access) might already heard Kate Walsh singing ‘Greatest Love’, a song from the upcoming Light & Dark, with Turin Brakes singer Olly Knights during the support slot Kate did at the Canterbury gigs. Or maybe you were at her headline gig at the Luminaire in London (which featured more duetting). Tonight, Kate uploaded two new songs from her upcoming album, one of them features Olly doing the harmonies and Gale on slide guitar. The song is called Trying and appears to be vintage Kate Walsh (lovely, spellbinding), combined with rich production (warm keys, strings, slide guitar by Gale and gentle drumming). The combination of the two voices gives an edge to the whole thing, which suits the total package.

Check it out on Myspace. The new album Light & Dark (which will feature the Turin Brakes collaborations) will be released near the end of the Summer. It’s the follow up to the excellent Tim’s House, released several years ago.

Update (5 July 1.30pm): TB confirmed on Twitter it’s Gale playing slide.

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