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turin_brakes_bottled_at_sourceRecordstore.co.uk has added full details for the upcoming Turin Brakes best of CD Bottled at Source. It features a nice skyline and a collection of rarities on the second disc. The tracklisting for CD one was already announced last month. The second disc features several b-sides chosen by fans, in fact many of the ten songs are present.

‘New’ songs Rise and Time Machine almost made it onto the Stalker single (before that became a digital single). Also new are The Seagull and Cumulous Clouds. Another previously unreleased track is Nessun Dorma (which can be heard in full on the widget), played at an XFM session in 2007 as a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti.

The voting widget  has been updated to reflect the latest news.

CD One

1. Painkiller
2. Underdog (Save Me)
3. Emergency 72
4. Long Distance
5. The Door
6. 5 Mile (These Are The Days)
7. Feeling Oblivion
8. Average Man
9. Over And Over
10. Mind Over Money (extended radio edit)
11. Fishing For A Dream
12. Dark On Fire
13. Red Moon
14. Something In My Eye
15. Stalker
16. Last Chance
17. Ether Song

CD Two

1. Underdog (Sally) (demo) – Previously unreleased
2. From Balham To Brooklyn (live) – From the single ‘Underdog (Save Me)’
3. Mind Over Money (demo) – Previously unreleased
4. Everybody Knows (7” version) – From the single ‘Emergency 72’
5. Lost and Found (home recording) – From the single ‘Long Distance’
6. Where’s My Army (home recording) – From the single ‘Painkiller’
7. So Long (LA Demo) – From the single ‘Average Man’
8. Moonlight Mile – Previously only available on ‘Late Night Tales’, compiled by Turin Brakes
9. Atlas Of The World – From the single ‘Fishing For A Dream’
10. Asleep With The Fireflies – Recorded live at The Palladium
11. Capsule – From the EP ‘Something Out Of Nothing’
12. Love Is All You Deserve – From ‘The Red Moon EP’
13. The Seagull – Previously unreleased
14. Time Machine – Previously unreleased
15. Cumulous Clouds – Previously unreleased
16. Rise – Previously unreleased
17. Nessun Dorma – XFM session, Sept 2007. Previously unreleased

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