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Earlier today, Turin Brakes recorded an interview and session for Dermot O’leary. While most acts just played one track, Olly, Gale and Ed got the chance to play two (The Sea Change and ‘old friend’ Fishing For A Dream).

In the interview the band talked about the upcoming Best Of, a new album (that is currently being mixed) and playing at the festival. Gale is about to become a father: Leia Grace will get a baby brother/sister soon, and Ed’s woman is also expecting a child any day now. In the beginning of the interview there appear to be some sound problems, but this is resolved after a minute.

On to the download then. I’ve decided to offer the songs as separate download MP3s. If you want the full thing (5 MP3s featuring the 10 minute interview and the two songs), you can download the full RAR-archive. You need to ‘unrar’ this file, by downloading a free Trial version of Winrar (or a different archive program). The files are hosted on Rapidshare. Click the Free button (if you don’t have an account) and wait for the countdown to finish. Then click on Download.

MP3: The Sea Change (acoustic & live)
MP3: Fishing For A Dream (acoustic & live)

RAR: The Full Thing (5x MP3: Interview, The Sea Change, Babies and Best Ofs, Fishing For A Dream & Old Friend).

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