Album 5 is called ‘Outbursts’

A new interview with the Glasgow Sunday Mail, published here in the California Chronicle, Turin Brakes talk about writing with Take That, the new compilation and Album 5, which is called Outbursts, according to the article. On the compilation process:

“It felt a little weird to look back but the story of Turin Brakes is definitely NOT over. We are not shutting up shop.” In fact, Olly and Gale are working on their fifth studio album, Outbursts, which is scheduled for release next year.

On working with Take That:

“Our drummer’s girlfriend works as a personal chef for Take That,” revealed Olly. “One day, Howard popped into the kitchen for something to eat and she just happened to be wearing a Turin Brakes T-shirt. He said: ‘I love Turin Brakes – how do you know about them?’ “He asked if she reckoned we’d ever be prepared to write a song withthem.”

Olly and Gale joined Howard and Gary Barlow in Sarm West Studios in London to write Here. Olly said: “Gale and I have proved ourselves as writers, so we thought: ‘Why not have a go at pop?’ It was a bit of a challenge and real fun.’ They loved what we came up with and put it on Circus. When we heard the finished version of Here, it sounded like Turin Brakes on steroids. They performed the track 10,000 times bigger than we could. I’m very proud of the song.”

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