“Bottled At Source” OUT NOW!

BottledAtSourceCoverThe day has come. Two years after Dark On Fire we now have a beautiful compilation with the best of Turin Brakes 1999-2009. This seems like a good moment to get Turin Brakes in the chart, so why not buy a lovely copy. The limited edition with bonus disc will be available for about 2 months, so get it as soon as possible. If you do it this week, it would be good for chart positions and things like that. And all that comes in handy when the 5th studio album comes round (currently called Outbursts, scheduled for a possible February release). Every proper record store in the UK (and in quite a few European mainland countries like Germany, The Netherlands, France as well, although Norway has to wait for another two weeks) should have copies, but you can obviously also buy from your favourite online retailer in any flavour you like:

Amazon.co.uk (CD / MP3) | Amazon.com (Import CD / MP3) |Amazon.de (CD / MP3) | Play.com (CD) | iTunes (MP3) | 7Digital (MP3)

Do you have a copy? Let us know what you think! Send your review to ethersite@gmail.com or upload it in The Ether’s Air. Except a way too long ‘Ether Site’ review before the week is out.

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