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So in the first of what is to become many “Session Sundays”, here’s the first of many Bottled At Source promoting radio sessions. The interviews will be quite similar (lots of talking about their childhood and past), spiced with hints of the future. The songs are quite similar as well, there’s quite a lot of Painkiller and Underdog in all the sessions I will post. You will also find several versions of Never Stops appearing online over the coming weeks. However, this first one is also one of the better ones in my opinion: the interview is laidback and relaxed and the songs are well performed. You can choose to download the whole thing (11 MP3 files with interview and acoustic songs) or just the music. Make your pick and enjoy.

FULL RAR (download Winrar – free trial version to open)

  1. Introduction
  2. Painkiller (Summer Rain)
  3. Touring and Bottling
  4. Underdog (Save Me)
  5. After Underdog Bit
  6. Introducing Never Stops
  7. Never Stops
  8. History of TB
  9. Feel like eating Cereal
  10. Fishing For A Dream
  11. Outro and London

JUST THE MUSIC RAR (download Winrar – free trial version to open)

  1. Painkiller (Summer Rain)
  2. Underdog (Save Me)
  3. Never Stops
  4. Fishing For A Dream

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