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Olly Knights provide harmonies for Cathal Coughlan

Cathal Coughlan has been busy recording a new album. Yesterday Olly sung harmonies for this record in the TB Inc. So, another collaboration to look forward to!

In other collaboration news: Andy Steele‘s Night Fishing LP, featuring Rob Allum on drums and TB on backing vocals, is finally being mixed (and will hopefully be released not too long after):

The Summer kicked off with a second trip to Turin Brakes HQ where drummer Rob Allum played out the rest of the record, and Olly Knights,Gale Paridjanian, Rob and myself threw together an impromptu male voice choir section for a line or two, and I managed to get the last tube leaving Brixton for two whole days.
Rob wears many hats and all fit him remarkably well. He’s been playing with the Lightning Seeds as well as The High Llamas and The Turin Brakes. On the subject of The High Llamas and golden tickets, guitar player John Bennett has been banging out Campers In Control with Mr O Hagan somewhere on the continent, and that’s a job I would certainly take for really very little fiscal stimulus. John has also played his rare slide guitar on more than a few of the Night Fishing tracks. Him and me sat in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane a coupla Sundays ago and watched The Turin Brakes launch their Best Of, bottled at source. We laughed, we cried, we stood up and cheered.

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