Dermot O’Leary round-up: Sea Change is first single

Turin Brakes joined the Dermot O’Leary show on BBC Radio 2 just now, for a 20 minute interview + session. Olly, Gale and Eddie played new song The Sea Change and announced it would be released as the first single from Outbursts on 22 February. There was some confusion considering when the album was released with Olly and Gale mentioning the different dates of 1 and 8 March, but early March is definitely happening. Besides touring the UK, a tour of ‘Europe’ is ‘hopefully’ happening and there are even talks about a new US tour. After talking about the recording of the album, Twitter, babies and touring the highlands, the whole thing ended with a nice rendition of Feeling Oblivion. The whole thing will be available here soon.

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