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[BREAKING] Oooh look, it’s a free download of ‘Apocolips’

Ooh look, it’s a free download of Apocolips, a new Gale-penned track from Outbursts. It’s free free free – please give us your email – it’s free free free! 😀

Gale, who wrote two of the twelve songs – Apocolips and Embryos – is even more reluctant to analyse the songs in terms of personal experience. “You pick up on a tiny emotion within yourself and turn it into a film,” Gale says. “That’s what being a good songwriter is all about, and Olly is one of the very best. But there is a difference between what people create and who they are. It’s not necessarily the same thing. You should enjoy the film, not try and work out where the camera was the whole time.”

Whatcha reckon? C’est beau? Es ist schön? Het is mooi? Is it B-E-A-UTIFUL? Leave a comment! Or postez-vous in The Ether’s Air!

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