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Album t-shirt campaign

To promote the new Turin Brakes album I thought it would be nice to start a little campaign. The first installment is getting a t-shirt and wearing it at gigs, trips and other t-shirt-type occasions. I’ve added a new t-shirt to the Ether Site shop (in both a men and girls version), featuring slightly altered lyrics from the new single The Sea Change:

If we don’t wear this,
nobody else will

On the back it says: “OUTBURSTS by Turin Brakes, March 2010” (and the website logo is on the back as well)

So I figured it would be nice if people bought one and then wore it at least on the album release day as well as on any other occasion you can think off… Spread the word and things like that. Standard, the t-shirts are red, but you can pick your favourite colour on the product page (beware that the print might not be readable if your chosen colour is very light).

I tried to get the shirts as cheap as possible, but with all these words on both the front and the back, the t-shirts now cost 20 euros (excl. shipping). Now, up to 7 February you can get a free shipping discount if you enter the coupon code INLOVE2010 when asked for it:

Click here to go to Ether Site merchandise shop now.

Now, if you have any special t-shirt requests, don’t hesitate to email! If you have nice ideas to extend this campaign, please contact me as well!

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