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5 concerts in Germany, 2 in The Netherlands (except…)

Wizard Promotions has announced 5 Turin Brakes gigs in Germany and Rotown e-mailed me to say that besides in Doornroosje, Turin Brakes will also be playing the Rotown venue in Rotterdam. However, the Rotown date and the Hamburg date are the same (12 April). Since Rotown actually took the time to email me about it, I’m going to assume that that one is actually still happening and that the other date is in fact a typo (and will be on, for example the 13th), since it is not announced on the venue site yet.

12.04.10 Rotterdam / Rotown
??.04.10 Hamburg / Knust
15.04.10 Berlin / Magnet
16.04.10 Köln / Luxor
18.04.10 Nijmegen / Doornroosje
20.04.10 Frankfurt / Brotfabrik
21.04.10 München / 59:1

In other news: more high-resolution promo shots with knitted headgear here.

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