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In The Tweether, In The Tweether’s Air

From today, Ether Site is on Twitter like all the cool tweeps on this planet! (including Turin Brakes)

Over the past few months, I tweeted new posts on my personal tweet account (@ditisstefan) and fear not, I will continue doing this – probably until Twitter dies of old age. But if you ever thought: “I hate those Dutch tweets.” or: “Why is he talking nonsense again?” you can now follow @ethersite.

To be clear: my own personal tweets will still be TB-related (when I’ve got something TB-related to say). Some of these things will also make it to the Ether Site twitter page.

So why an extra Twitter account? Well, for example, now you can @reply to a post (like this one), by replying to the relevant tweet on Twitter. If you do it right and the magical elves do their job too, it will automatically show up on Ether Site as well!

Isn’t that awesome? I know!

I haven’t tested it though, so it might not work (and it will only work from THIS post on – not old ones). Time will tell. You could give it a go… But you don’t have to. I mean. I won’t hate you for it… Not yet anyway.

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