Ether Site Recommends: Tom McRae – The Alphabet of Hurricanes

Every red moon, month, sea change or when the bright golden lights make you feel magic, Ether Site will recommend a band or singer/songwriter that you might like… Today we recommend Tom McRae.

Tom McRae has been going strong since his selftitled debut in 2000 was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. He didn’t win but has been making nice to very nice records ever since. Late 2009 he was ready to release an ambitious project consisting of two CDs. But then he got a new record deal at a record company who were willing to release it for him (which is the same company that is releasing the new Turin Brakes album). And thus, now we have this album and it’s his most diverse one to date. His songs are dark, sometimes even depressing and benefit from the open and honest production of these songs. Tom’s voice is that of a fallen angel. Single Please is a glorious bittersweet love songs with an anthemlike feel. Other highlights on the new record include Won’t Lie and Out Of The Walls.

The Alphabet of Hurricanes is released on the 22nd of February, on Cooking Vinyl. The download single Please is available now! Listen on Myspace to some of his songs. There you’ll also find a tour schedule for the longest tour he’s ever done, lasting over a month.

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