Turin Brakes thank Take That for album

If you’re a frequent reader of this website, you may already know Turin Brakes wrote Here for Take That. BBC 6Music has now run a news story on the matter:

“We took that money that we made off that song and reinvested it in our studio and this album,” revealed Olly. “So technically, you know, without Take That…I don’t know if we’d have a Turin Brakes album.”

“I’m not going to say we made a huge amount but we made enough money to cover a few debts that we’d built up over a couple of years of not being signed. We had to find some money from somewhere. Neither me or Gale have made enough money to sit back and relax by any stretch, so we have to find money. It is about that.”

Full story here.

Also, Olly will be on Jon Holmes show for the Ken Brucemaster Quiz after 5 pm (UK time) today.

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