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Now that’s what I call previews!

“Yea, that new site is nice, but there’s no new album material to be found.”

You were thinking that too, weren’t you? Well your prayers / thoughts / whispers / annoying emails / shouts / cries have been heard! The official Myspace profile has undergone a revamp just in time for the album launch. Besides a new banner, album purchase links and a vague new background, the profile features new tracks on the player, which feature 2 minutes of each of the first six songs from of Outbursts, apart from The Invitation (sorry, you’re gonna have to wait to hear that one on the record, I suppose). Then again, Will Power preview lasts almost 2 minutes and 20 seconds, so I guess that makes up for something…

In more disappointing news: the Absolute Radio session has been moved to 3 March… Grmbl… Annoying… Don’t want to wait that long? Just so you know that’s actually next Wednesday. Well not next Wednesday but the one after that. Unless you’re reading this on Wednesday. In which case it’s just next Wednesday. Or today. Or last Wednesday. Or… Never mind.

What do you think of the previews? Are you liking what you hear so far? Leave a comment!

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