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All in a night’s work…

Update: videos of smoke alarm jam session and aftermath added.

So, last night’s The Hague gig was full of incidents, including a sound guy that couldn’t get rid of Gale’s (guitar) feedback which turned out to be the least of our worries when the fire alarm went off… Some people left the venue, but it soon turned out to be false alarm (caused by the smoking machine next to the stage). Still, the usual long encore was brought back to a jam with Olly drumming and Gale playing African drums and (when the power FINALLY went back on), Underdog. On top of that, Olly and Gale got stuck in an elevator after the gig, after having to clear up as fast as possible for a techno dj set. Yea, all in a night’s work, I guess.

Still, a great gig though!

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