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All kinds of news (interviews, tour dates, live versions)

So, here’s a lot of news… Turin Brakes are about to head off to the USA and Canada for some nice touring. For the list of dates, check here. If you  know about any upcoming press appearances (radio stuff, interviews – get in touch). Also, live reviews, setlists and everything else is very much appreciated. Send it in to ethersite@gmail.com!

New date in Ireland

In addition to the dates in Dublin and Belfast, there’s now also a date in Cork, on 19 June. Tickets are on sale here and various other outlets.

New blogs

Two new blogs since I last reported, one to mark the end of the tour and one to mention that the front page wasn’t working. Check them on TurinBrakes.com.

Radio 5Live Appearance

Olly and Gale joined Radio 5Live on 4 May to discuss the new music releases of the week and also their single Rocket Song. There’s a lot of music banter. The music review bit is spread out over the last 20-25 minutes of the program. You can listen again here. Olly says about Rocket Song: “It’s about old love and that it’s ok.” Olly also says that he likes writing for anyone but that the prefers writing for Turin Brakes. Also, working for Take That and Dido is being discussed (“Clear up, get lettuce, Dido is coming!”).

Paper Heart live + Ether Song live from Roma

Gale has updated the player on the official site with a live version of Ether Song from Roma. It’s very nice. So go ahead, listen to it on the player on turinbrakes.com.

If you prefer some live music from Outbursts, there’s a live recording of Paper Heart here.

Charts and things

The voting thing is still possible. So far we’ve managed to get TB in the top 20 in Belgium… So let’s keep it going here. Meanwhile in The Netherlands, Turin Brakes have entered the top 10 of the Kink 40 at no. 10. That’s good!

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