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New Andy Steele record: Night Fishing

In January 2009, Olly and Gale said they’d been working with Take That, Lisa Mitchell, Pete Lawrie, Andy Steele and Kate Walsh. While the Lisa Mitchell will probably never see the light of day, all of these artists have released music with Turin Brakes featuring… Apart from Andy Steele. Well that has now changed.

Andy Steele has uploaded new material on his website, including a bunch of photos that feature TB-references (besides a Dark on Fire poster, there’s also a picture of Rob the Drummer wearing a Turin Brakes t-shirt. The biography mentions Rob drumming on the album, as well as Olly and Gale being on it. Further details are not available (nor a link to buy the album). There IS a player with four songs from the new album (scroll down, down down). More folky songs are available on Myspace. I can’t immediately hear the hand of Turin Brakes, but it sure is nice and dreamy folk. Almost fairytale like.

Unfortunately I don’t know when the album is released but maybe we’ll find out eventually… I’ll try my best.

Update: Apparantly Olly and Gale “sang a bit on a track, but mostly engineered”. No news on when it’s out yet. (11.30 pm)

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