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Cathal Coughan releases new album

Back in October 2009, we mentioned Olly was recording harmonies for Irish singer/songwriter Cathal Coughan. His new album, Rancho Tetrehedron, will be released this August through Kitchenware Records:

In Spring 2007, Irish singer / songwriter Cathal Coughlan (formerly of Microdisney and The Fatima Mansions) flew off to Southern California for an indefinite stay. While he was there he composed music in a small timber framed cabin that an old World War ll vet had built. In this freespirited setting there was no evidence of any other outside musical influences, just Cathal along with his ruminations. Later that same year, Cathal returned to London and began recording the album that was to become ‘Rancho Tetrehedron’, with the help of Oliver Knights (Turin Brakes) and Andy Ramsay (Stereolab). ‘Rancho Tetrahedron’ is Cathal Coughlan’s fifth solo album, the first to be released through Kitchenware Records…

Apparently, Olly helped recording the album and he provided vocals. That is all we know for now, besides the fact that Cathal will be playing three shows in September, one of which is in Bush Hall, London.

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