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Turin Brakes & Henri Gaobi music featured in Adidas ad

The commercial for the Adidas F50 shoes, that scored 40 goals in 62 matches this past Fifa World Cup is now being promoted in a commercial that features Henri Gaobi and Turin Brakes. You can hear Olly and Gale singing near the end and playing guitar before that. It’s a snippet, but it at least makes me want to hear the full thing someday…

As Gale mentions in the second Turin Brakes newsletter:

Also, anyone who has been keeping a keen eye on us will know that we have been recording bits and bobs with a master drummer chap called Henri Gaobi. It doesn’t sound like Turin Brakes, more like a herd of Antelope thundering down a busy London High Street at rush hour. But me and Olly play and sing a bit on it. If you want to hear a snippet check out this new ADIDAS ad that features it.
You could even leave a nice comment on YouTube if you liked it.

Besides that, the band writes about the gig in Turin this Saturday (and the gig in Bologna on Friday).

The ad agency has this to say about the ad:

180’s executive creative director/managing partner Andy Fackrell says: “This film is particularly pertinent now as it is in marked contrast to the superstar marketing activity that has dominated this World Cup.”

This is true. And those Adidas wallpaintings are looking quite great. The ad follows a particularly obsessed fan-kid who defaces an Adidas wall painting every time a goal is scored by a player wearing the Adidas F50. The amazing paintings are created by up-and-coming African artists Paul Kasemwana and Espoir Kennedy, and they tell the story of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in traditional African style, the story of 32 heroes and 32 nations battling it out for the greatest prize in football.

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