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Cathal Coughan album released this Monday

Monday 7 August sees the release of the new Cathal Coughan album. Here Cathal talks about his musicians in the studio and on the stage. Olly gets mentioned:

Who are they? What’s their backgrounds? How did you come across them?

Well, there is the James Woodrow person who is the guitarist. He plays – he’s kind of the number one or number two contemporary classical guitarist in the UK. He also plays acoustic classical guitar. He’s played with Gavin Bryars for many years, he played for a time with the London Sinfonietta, he plays in Icebreaker which is a contemporary music group which specialises in Minimalist music, particularly Dutch and New York Minimalist music. Audrey Riley, cellist, also plays in Icebreaker, and she’s a string arranger of considerable renown, she’s worked a lot with Coldplay, Muse, and Feeder and people like that. Nick Allum, the drummer, he’s played with me for years, he was in Fatima Mansions, he played a bit with Dave McComb and some other Australian people like that, and Danny Manners, the bassist, he’s played a lot with Louis Philippe, and he played with Happy End who were a kind of Brecht/Weill specialist group in London in the 80s and the 90s. Also on the record I have Oliver Knights, one of the singers from Turin Brakes. He recorded the rhythm section on most of the record and also sang backing vocals, big big backing vocals on a couple of songs. And my old friend Dawn Kenny from Ireland who’s a singer and piano player and arranger, she sings on three songs. And for the live shows that are coming up I’ve got a new keyboard player, Michael Halewood, people won’t know him so much.

The album is available for pre-order at Amazon: Rancho Tetrahedron

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