Turin Brakes Blogged (4)

Here’s the fourth installment of interesting TB-related blogs. This time it’s a blog by an old schoolmate of Olly’s:

Read This: Turin Brakes & Me
Olly Knights
, songwriter and lead vocalist of Turin Brakes and I met about thirteen years ago when we both studied Film & Video at Central Saint Martins College Of Art in Long Acre, Covent Garden. It was one of those courses that born a lot of musicians for some reason. There was the infamous Jarvis Cocker a few years before us, then Turin Brakes and the controversial rap artist, M.I.A –and Nima Nourizadeh – ads Director and now Hollywood Director to name but a few.

Olly and I used to share the sound room for recordings. There wasn’t anyone else who was keen on sound as we both were. I remember Olly made really beautiful films, there was one called, “Two Stories” where Olly captured the clouds shadowing a beach like running ghosts as time passed by. For each album cover that is released, I saw roots of where the artwork came from: this wonderful film he made.

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