Ilford Recorder 24 interview

The Ilford Recorder interviewed Turin Brakes ahead of the Canary Wharf gig next week. Olly talks about the gig and perfoming acoustically. Olly also tells Ilford Recorder about their plans to make their studio even bigger and better and then use it to help other (new) artists record. Ilford Recorder is also giving away two tickets for the sold-out gig!

Much of the money they have made over the years, from the likes of their Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut The Optimist in 2001, and its two Top 40 singles, Underdog (Save Me) and Emergency 72, and 2004 follow-up Ether Song, and the No 5 single from that, Pain Killer, has been invested in their Brixton studio.

Olly says: “We both engineer and produce all our own records, and we want it to be affordable for lots of new bands who can’t pay to go into a decent studio to make a record.

“We’ll have a friend based there as in-house engineer, and as well as hopefully being of great use to other acts, if it’s a success, it will help Turin Brakes continue in the long-term too.”

Read the full thing here.

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