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Rob Allum interview

Rob Allum has given an interview about Turin Brakes, drumming for other bands and cricket. Rob wasn’t present at the recent TB gigs because of a one of gig in Jakarta with the Lightning Seeds. Instead, Phil Marten (Little Phil – who normally plays the keys in the live band, but has been notably absent most of the gigs this year) played drums for him. Here’s some quotes…

“To think I’ve been playing with the guys for a decade now is amazing. It’s mad how time flies. It’s almost half my adult life, but the band is still going strong and the studio that they’ve built up is about to be launched as a commercial venture so hopefully that will ensure another 10 years of Turin Brakes.

“That band is very close to my heart, we have a definite chemistry which, and I’ve played in a lot of bands, you don’t always get and is hard to find.”

Read the full thing.

In other news, Austrian radio show Sunny Side Up celebrates its tenth anniversary with a compilation that features Sea Change.

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