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Ether Site Recommends: October 2010 update

Every red moon, month, sea change or when the bright golden lights make you feel magic, Ether Site will recommend a band or singer/songwriter that you might like… For those of you on Spotify, please check out this playlist of songs you might like. The playlist will refresh almost every month.

This month’s issue sees some old and some new songs I quite like, mostly acoustic orientated. Click here to view the playlist in Spotify (and listen to it). Note that if you have already subscribed to the previous issue, you won’t need to subscribe again. You can just go to Spotify to your playlists and the updated playlist will be there.

Spotify is a free (or paid) music subscription service. Besides listening to millions of songs, you can also make and share playlists. I’ve decided to make an almost monthly updated Ether Site Recommends Playlist. Hereby I present the third issue. Next month a new playlist will be made and it will automatically replace the old one. So if you click subscribe when viewing the playlist, you will always be able to see the latest issue of the playlist. The playlist features mostly acoustic music (although there’s some adventures). The idea is that it mostly features music Turin Brakes fans may like. So check it out and let me know what you think!

All the old playlists go into this bigger playlist (the archive of songs that have been on the playlist at some point), to which you can subscribe also. It will be updated when a new playlist is made (so basically every month).

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