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Andy Steele’s Night Fishing available digitally now

Ether Site previously reported about the Night Fishing LP by Andy Steele. For those interested in hearing the folk record, you can hear four songs from it on Andy’s website. And, more importantly, you can now buy the album from his website on MP3. No word on whether a CD version is available anywhere.

As previously reported, Olly and Gale did some vocal work for the album (although this contribution is allegedly “minor”) and engineered the record (at least the part that was recorded at TBHQ studios in Brixton). Turin Brakes drummer Rob Allum is drumming on the record and he can be spotted with a TB 030303 T-shirt on the homepage of Andy’s website.

In other Rob Allum news, he’s playing a gig with his band The High Llamas on Friday 3 December, the day after the Crewe gig.

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